Thursday, April 5, 2012

Paintings for my midwife

On my last prenatal appointment, my midwife had moved into a new office within the practice, but had yet to decorate. Being the interior designer at heart, I decided to offer up my painting skills to spruce up his office. I also have to admit I gave him a good time picking on him for the room being so sparse - he only had up a 5x5 calendar on the wall!

With his blessing and knowledge that he started to bring in decorations focused around robots and their robot babies, I went to work and this is the final result:

Maternity Clothes: what not to buy

When I found out I was pregnant I shuttered at the thought of buying maternity clothes, mainly because of the price - I mean you where the clothes for very little amount of time. I've managed to use most of my pre-pregnancy wardrobe (more on how to manage that in another blog post) and picked up only the necessities...

* Maternity pants - 3-4 pairs of pants, with elastic that covers the belly
* Properly fitting bra
* Maternity tanks (black and white)
* A cute maternity shirt that you can take your bump photo in time and time again
* About 5 maternity shirts, mainly ones that will fit in your last two months of your pregnancy
* bathing suit if your bikini does not fit your growing boobs

The rest you can get from your current closet. Think stretchy pants, shirts that already have pleats, dresses, sports bras, t-shirts that were a size too big and so on. I promise you, don't freak out, it is possible to use your existing clothes and find maternity close at bargain prices. More on how to manage within your closet, to come!

Maternity underwear are not necessary. Belly bands sound like a good idea but they can be a bit tight. If you have yoga pants with a soft band, these can fit through pregnancy without needing to by workout pants.

Here is a top I would stay away from buying:
I mean really, if I wanted to look like my belly does not fit in my top shirt, I would have put on a maternity tank and layered my favorite smaller pre-pregnancy shirts over it.