About me

I started the transformation to motherhood about two and a half years ago, as my husband and I made the decision to start trying for a baby. The learning process began almost as soon as we made the decision we wanted to try. The actual bodily changes would follow, such as stopping birth control, start taking prenatal vitamins, and doing a cleanse prior to pregnancy. Then, came tracking the bodily fluids and basal temperature, but with no luck. After a few months, the plans were put on hold for a year while the stress level came back to normal as I made a job change and found freedom in living more in the present moment. So the decision to take out the IUD was made and we would "try" for a baby starting September 2011, but it would be less about the mechanics and more about the excitement. By the end of that month, with disbelief of the first and second positive pregnancy test, a blood test confirmed we were pregnant! I believe what was meant to be, will be. And so, in May of 2012 we will be welcoming a baby girl into our family.

Aside from becoming a new mom, I am also active in the Mom community as the Marketing Director for a local baby diaper service. It is important to stay close to your clients and really understand them and the product. I stand behind the good of the environment, the families, and the local community when I say, cloth diapers are the best choice for a baby and from a diaper service.

You will find that I am crafty and have a curiosity for all things handmade. I make baby cards, but lately gravitating toward acrylic paintings for my nursery and my friends. Also, with inspiration from a friend, I am developing a relationship with my sewing machine.

From time to time, I write columns for Examiner.com as Seattle New Moms Examiner. And hope to do more freelance writing. I enjoy networking on Twitter as Seattle New Mom. You can also find me on BabyCenter.com as SeattleNewMom11. I encourage a dialogue and will enjoy comments on this blog, tweets and chatting with you at BabyCenter.com.