Sunday, December 9, 2012

Baby's first tooth

With our first tooth popping through came a cold, runny nose, sneezing and itchy eyes. After one night of Alexandria rubbing her eyes, her sharp little nails, no matter how well they are cut, scratched her nose and cheek. Having not worn her mittens since she was born, I almost gave away all but one, boy am I glad I did not.

Poor baby rubbing her red eyes and her nose getting snot all over her face. The mittens absorbed some of the tears and kept the snot contained. Nosefrida, mittens, and Puremedy Baby Salve to the rescue! A sleepy baby bundled in her Boppy with bottle, while Mommy watches her.

While sleeping I popped homeopathic Tiny Cold Tablets by Hyland's baby into her mouth followed by her pacifier. She slept for an hour cycle and woke up less red-eyed and happy. After a little while she was ready to play. More medicine, food, and sleep for this baby, with plenty of listening to how she is feeling.

For the tooth, she has Green Sprouts fruit cool soothing teether. My mom also suggested cold wet face cloth, which I may try when her immune system is better. She seems to like the teether, but looks for smooth almost satin fabric surfaces more.


  1. A friend recommended this for teething:
    A cold fat carrot..sometimes helps and yes. A frozen or cold washcloth.
    Sounds awful.. But rubbing. And a little pressure..helps cut the gum faster..( versus slow steady cutting from normal growth) that's were the cold helps.

  2. Alexandria now at 10 months has 4 upper and 4 lower teeth!