Monday, October 24, 2011

Daily deals for Moms: iPhone applications on iTunes

At this point, I am not planning to buy any baby items until I pass my first trimester, but looking at the daily deals gives me an idea of what to plan, i.e. What to include in the baby budget. I also have not decided what I will and won't include on my baby registry. Overall, we are being fairly conservative and going with what we need, only when we need it, and focusing our dollars on quality. Yes, I want to buy a balance bike, but knowing it won't be used for a year or so, I am going to wait on it.

Here are the daily deal sites I follow on my iPhone:
Zulily - Seattle based company offering daily deals for moms, babies, and kids. The deals typically run a few days before expiring. I like the user interface. Generally looking at cloth diaper accessories (although will do a diaper service, so less relevant), maternity and nursing wear, bottles, and baby clothes. The best deals I have seen for maternity bras is two bras for $14.99.

Today's Steal - daily deals from, and As a crafter, I like to view the scrap book deals, but have not been compelled to buy any and those that I have wanted to buy, like kits, have been sold out before I could buy. Baby steals usually has cloth diaper accessories, but no diaper covers like I need for diaper service. Kids steals are for older kids, less applicable.

Plum District - They had an app, but it did not recognize my preference for Seattle, which annoyed me enough to delete it. Instead I switched to subscribing to daily email notices at Oddly, I cannot find the app now on iTunes. Plum District is a daily deal site for savvy moms, offering discounts on experiences likes restaurants and spas, activities, getaways and more. The focus is a little weak and in my mind, it is similar to a LivingSocial or a Groupon with the occasional kid deal.

While the applications I listed are for iPhone, check your phone for an equivalent application. Androids typically carry the same applications and Windows Phone has a reduced set available.

If you have applications or websites that you follow for daily deals for moms, post a comment with the name and a mini review. I look forward to reading your comments!

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