Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pregnancy applications on iPhone from iTunes

My morning routine consists of flipping through my "baby" applications and discount baby deal sites on my iPhone. I spend a good 15 minutes reading about what is happening with my body today, this week, and what to expect throughout pregnancy. And, then I switch to cruising daily deals on maternity wear, baby clothes, baby accessories, and furniture. I download only free applications.

Here are my usuals:
BabyCenter's My Pregnancy Today - This is my most used app. It has everyday a tidbit about where I am at in my pregnancy and at the start of each week it gives a summary of the growth of your baby that week. There are videos detailing the growth throughout the weeks and other topics like finding out the sex.

Baby Pregnancy Tracker - I use this one for two reasons: when you open the app it tells you how far you are (8 weeks and 6 days) as well as how many more weeks you have and it gives you a weekly description of your baby's growth. Yes, BabyCenter already did this, but it gives a little more information and also speaks to your body and diet. The pictures are not as good as my next app, which is the reason I like the next one.

Pregnancy (Sprout) Lite - I use this mainly for the pictures of the baby weekly. The Dr Says page is a secondary thought because by the time I have checked my other two, I am not getting much more from this app that I have not already read, or maybe lost interest as this morning routine can take 15 minutes :). To give you an idea of the quality of the pictures, here is a picture from Pregnancy (Sprout) Lite at 8 weeks:
And, the picture from Baby Pregnancy Tracker at 8 weeks:
When I saw the 8 week picture from Pregnancy (Sprout) Lite, I choked up because I considered that our first baby picture.

Occasionally, I will look at what TheBump PregBuzz has for frequently asked questions, or What to Expect Baby Names (I have qualms with the robustness of this application, so I will find a new application when I am closure to finding the sex, around 17 weeks) when I am thinking of names.

Not recommended:
On the last update of What to Expect Pregnancy, the app now requires you to have a log-on. I am really happy with my BabyCenter membership and already have the What to Expect When Expecting book, that I opted out of using this after the update. Even before the update, I did not go to the app oftern and I honestly forget what it contains, so that shows you how useful I found it. I deleted this from my phone, as I wrote this post.

I focus my applications on pregnancy related apps while my husband has downloaded apps, as he calls it, focused on what we do when the baby is born. While he does not have any pregnancy applications, I have signed him up for weekly BabyCenter.com pregnancy updates. I find it endearing when he reads them to me, I just smile - knowing I have already read it - and like to hear his perspective of what he finds fascinating.

For those reading that are not pregnant yet, I used Period Tracker Lite to track my ovulation. I had pretty regular cycles, which made it fairly accurate and my fluids were also aligned with the oculation tracker. I had tried to get pregnant a year ago and "tried" for 6 months before taking a break. This go around, I got pregnant the first month we "tried." It will be interesting to see what the sex of the baby is, based on when we had sex - you can track this in the Period Tracker Lite app too. We are hoping for a girl, but based on having sex a day before, on and day after ovulation it is likely a boy, but who knows.

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