Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Daily diet for pregnancy

I love blueberries! I can eat a half pint in a sitting and be contempt, so I call myself the Blueberry Monster - like Cookie Monster, but healthier. 

Here is a typical day in the life of my stomach and my baby:

  • Breakfast: multi-grain cereal with fiber covered in organic soy milk, glass of electrolytes (such as Nuun) in water, and an orange. 
  • Morning Snack: An apple and yogurt or a lemon zest Luna bar
  • Lunch: Hard fried egg, ham (heated or grilled to kill any potential bacteria) and cheese sandwich on wheat bread, with snap peas or carrots. 
  • Afternoon Snack: Carrots, cheese or almonds
  • Dinner: Ravioli or tortellini (a new craving since pregnancy)
  • Evening Snack: Organic blueberries or strawberries
For fluids, I have the electrolytes at least once a day for help with absorbing water and drink half my body weight in water a day. I have the occasional apple cider vinegar added to my water.

I have a relatively low sugar, low fat and all natural diet. When I say pregnancy diet, I do not mean losing weight rather maintaining a healthy weight for me and for the baby. I could use more vegetables, but with that I am taking Thorne Prenatal Vitamin, 4 IU Vitamin D, and Fish Oil.  I am not perfect and do throw in there the occasional sweet such as a cupcake or half a cookie. I do not need much variation in my diet, so I can easily maintain the same menu without getting bored. 

To top off my diet, I get 8 to 9 hours of sleep a night and exercise regularly. Being pregnant has helped me increase my time asleep to 10 hours some nights, as I crash earlier in the evening than prior to pregnancy. In addition to sleep, I get a 20-30 minute walk in each day, yoga one or two times a week, and the occasional trip to the pool.   

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