Thursday, February 9, 2012

Boy vs. Girl parts on an ultrasound

At 20 weeks I went in for my regularly schedule ultrasound, the one where they count all ten fingers and toes and check the organs. Sure I wanted to know that we were having a healthy baby, but the real excitement was finding out the sex. The technician started at the head and trailed down to the genitals. I did not want to rush the experience, however I wish she cut to the chase right at the start. Before she told us the sex, I was focused on these three very bright lines where I thought the genitals would be. Indeed, next thing I know she is announcing we are having a girl!

You might be wondering, how do you know whether it is a girl or a boy? Three lines spaced out from each other is a girl, which I thought looked like a bear scratch. And, a tortoise shaped for a boy.

While our ultrasound technician took some very good pictures, we did not get a shot of her goods. Instead here are a couple pictures, on, that are a good representation of what a girl vs. a boy looks like at different stages of pregnancy:

Feel free to share your experience of finding out the sex of your baby. For me, I was in awe at the detail of the brain and spine, mainly that there was a baby in there, and cried when we found out it was a girl. We had his parents in the room with us too. It was very touching to say the least.  

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