Sunday, October 23, 2011

It's official, I'm pregnant!

If the results of a pregnancy test,

(photo taken September 22, 2011) was not enough proof, morning sickness certainly is!

At 8 weeks and 3 days pregnant, pregnancy woes thus far have been relatively tame. With the exception of having to go to the bathroom more times that I want to during the evening or the occasional cramping, it's been a breeze up until two days ago. I don't get sick very often and all I can say to describe it is a feeling like being hung over - noises and smells make me feel queasy and I only want to lay on the couch. I especially don't like to throw up and afraid of when and if it happens in public (the near bush incident on the way to work was avoided with ginger candies, thankfully).

I received assurance from my prenatal yoga instructor that it shall pass and advice to not "give it legs" as my body processes the increased hormone levels. Then, I learned from a couple of ladies in class, much further along than me, that morning sickness just suddenly stops at around week 13. Ugh, not good news. Yesterday, I was literally readying myself to take on this morning sickness...with motion sickness wrist bands on, I stocked my supply of ginger candies. I read's list of ways to prevent morning sickness and so I eased on drinking water with my food and eating 6 mini-meals. I left the house to run some errands with a bottle of water, a pear, and some crackers to keep me sustaining as shopped for nutritious food (more to blog on that later) or rather anything at Trader Joe's that did not make me want to hurl as I put it in the cart.

This morning, despite my positive idea that my healthy diet with protein and B6 vitamins would save me from morning sickness, I woke my husband and startled our cats with my first bought of morning sickness. This whole baby thing, it is finally real for me, physically.

As I typed this blog my mom text me, saltines help and this too shall pass. Thanks Mom!

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