Thursday, September 6, 2012

Breast Pump Covered by Insurance

Through a lactation consultant I found out that my insurance covers a breast pump. IRS is also allowing Breastpumps and supplies that assist lactation to be covered by your health and flex spending accounts, for more information from the IRS.  

I was able to get my Medela Pump In Style Advanced breast pump with Metro Bag free! I choose this version pump because the motor was not inserted or attached permanently to the bag. This is handy when you are mobile, especially when going back to work or going from room-to-room in your house. And the bag can be re-purposed once you are done breast pumping. But, wouldn't you know there is a website for top breast pump reviews because not all pumps are created equally. I was recommended Medela (only one person can ever use this) and Hygeia (can be passed down or have more than one user in a lifetime) breast pumps by the lactation consultants that I have seen. 

The process to getting insurance to cover some or all of the cost is to check with your insurance provider on your coverage first, give them the code E0603NU. Then have your doctor write you a prescription saying you are pregnant, with your due date, and note saying you will need a pump for medical reasons. The prescription is what you give to a retail seller that bills insurance directly or you can submit the claim to your insurance otherwise. 

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