Sunday, September 9, 2012

Placenta Encapsulation can Prevent Postpartum Depression

Prior to birth I was concerned about postpartum depression, as I wanted to enjoy the months following birth, but concerned I may be predisposed to it having lived with anxiety on-and-off-again. In anticipation, I was prepared to have my placenta encapsulated within 72 hours following birth. I had heard about this through my naturopathic doctor and started to do some research. I found Seattle Placenta Encapsulation explained the benefits and the procedure in clear and understandable terms.

I included instructions in my birth plan to have my placenta saved, placed in a double-bagged gallon size ziploc bag, laid flat, and returned to me upon departure from the hospital. Unfortunately, my placenta was infected during birth and was reason for it not to be encapsulated. Fortunately though, I did not experience postpartum depression - my doctor gave me a series of questions to answer to confirm I did not meet the criteria. However, a few days following birth, while in the hospital my anxiety came back, but was soothed after talking about the birth process to my doula and OB.

I write this blog to let you know about the alternative to western medicine approach - placenta encasulation - to preventing postpartum depression*, but also to allow you a forum to share your experience, so you can help others with ways to deal with and find support for postpartum depression.    

*I do not claim to have tried this, cannot confirm the statement, and can merely go based on the information I have found on this subject. 

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