Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Impressions of Baby's Feet and Hands

Source: via Jen on Pinterest 
In a previous post I told you that I was obsessed with Pinterest, I still am. Lately what I have been doing is actually completing the DIY pins I add or 'like'. If you follow the category DIY & Crafts you will see this popular pin for a recipe of mold to make a baby foot impression; the recipe sounds simple and includes ingredients that are most commonly found in the kitchen (flour, salt and water). I followed the 1:1 recipe, which the source blog lets you know that you may need more or less to get it just right. I however could not get the combination just right - following the recipe exactly it was too wet and there was no give in the batter to get a detailed impression.  I am not a baker, so getting the combination just right was a DIY fail. I think that if the pin is advertised as simple, then it should be simple.

In deciding that this recipe was not right for me, I found an alternative method to get an impression of my baby's feet and hands. I choose to go with a baby safe washable ink pad, which I think will be perfect to include in a scrapbook, or make into a card for the grandparents.

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