Monday, May 6, 2013

Losing the baby weight: day 1 of many

Are you as frustrated too, or is it just me? I stopped getting the "when are you expecting?" about a month ago, now I hear "but, you just had a baby..." and my response is, yeah like many months ago. I'm enlisting myself into a do-it-yourself to lose 20 pounds diet. With no time frame. Why? The clothes collecting dust in  my closet motivate me.

I could preface this with, I was that or I made sure not to do this or that, but I won't as I think regardless of where I was at, this is where I want to be: 20 pounds lighter. 

Starting every day, I will "eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper." Then eat whenever I get hungry. I will move my hips when I walk and bend at the hips to pick things up. I will shrink my thighs so they no longer rub together, as I dance with and make funny gestures at my baby. With a mix of abs and aerobics, the pouch of a belly will go away. Please, please boobs stay! Don't leave me at the end of this process. And sex drive, absolutely come back!!!

Day 1: 
1. Peanut butter on spouted wheat English muffins, sushi for lunch, and oyster salad for dinner. (recipes on request)
2. Ab ripper X (Yes I want those abs - just not part of this goal)
3. Realization of the day: I stopped eating sushi when I was full. I felt full. That has not happened in a while. Feels good to be eating regularly and no longer the extra calories for a baby.  

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