Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Reusable snack pouches

Reusable food pouches: need I say more? Okay, they come in cute designs like a panda bear and a walrus. After paying between $1.09 and $1.89, at the grocery store and just a little more at Starbucks, for one pouch of, smoothie-like organic fruits and vegetables, I decided to make my own instead. After I recently saw this brand reusable food pouches, I instantly knew I could do it. For example, it is easy to clean with a bottle brush that I already own. And, the pouch is way cuter than the ones at the grocery store!

My first recipe is smashed/pureed Cauliflower seasoned with coconut water and nutritional yeast. It called for:
*half a cauliflower
*one tablespoon nutritional (or commonly called brewer's) yeast
*one cup of coconut water
It was tasty!

With the my daughter in daycare, I am sending her to daycare with a Squooshi that says "Do not throw away."

I use food pouches as a snack between meals, while in the stroller, as a side to a meal or when we are dining out. I tend to get vegetable flavored pouches instead of fruity ones because I heard that if you feed them vegetables first they won't reject them later on, over the children that ate fruits first.

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