Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Walking away the baby pounds

Day 2: 

1. Peanut butter on spouted wheat English muffins for breakfast, vegetables for lunch, and mac&cheese with kielbasa (enough leftovers for lunch tomorrow) for dinner
2. Activity: Walk Away the Pounds - 3 miles DVD in the basement of my house, for free since the food budget has blown-up with three people living in the house (oh wait, why am I on this diet? :) [my sarcasm]). 
3. Realization of the day: I am no longer carrying a 40 pound baby on this tiny frame, I can stand tall. 

I think we all have that one dvd or even VHS (I am showing my age) that we hold onto for those days that we hope will never come. And then it comes. This DVD is it for me. In college, I started walking to this in my very cramped dorm-like apartment. Then, was back down to my weight from high school - sweet! Then I moved and away went the DVD for many years. Great DVD to walk you back into the swing of things post baby. I went from walking at their pace to my own, an even started dancing instead during some parts. Fun! I broke a sweat without needing to drink two times my water weight in water. I have to say the DVD ages well. God is mentioned twice. I am learning stacking the bones, type of posture, which is good because the walking will promote proper posture (yay - I love alliteration). This movie is on my top shelf of aerobic exercises to do twice a week.   

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