Friday, February 3, 2012

SIDS risk reduction: No crib bumpers

With the most recently (Oct. 2011) published SIDS risk reduction guidelines by American Academy of Pediatrics (APP), which lists not using crib bumpers as a measure to prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), I was surprised by the number of crib bedding sets - which include bumpers. After searching through 33 pages of options for "crib skirts" on, it seemed that more than half of the options were included in crib bedding sets.

A 4-piece crib bedding set includes a fitted sheet, crib skirt, crib quilt, and bumper. The cost of these sets can range from $70 to $300, with an average price of $150. Per the guidelines, the crib quilt and crib skirt are not recommended for healthy babies under age 1.

While the crib bedding sets are stylish and tempting, I am left wondering how soon until the manufactures change the rhythm of their production, in reaction to the AAP's SIDS guidelines? Being the practical, buy things as you need them kind-of person, yet looking for style, I would like to see a 2-piece crib bedding set that includes a matching fitted sheet and bed skirt. Or, more options for crib skirts.

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