Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Birth control post-baby

After six weeks of postpartum recovery, it's time to think about birth control. Breastfeeding is said to ward off a period, but not a proven birth control. After all ovulation happens before a period, and that's not easily detected, so time to think of a birth control method.

IUDCPCopperT380A.gifWhen I decided we wanted to get pregnant, I went off the birth control pill at least two months in advance in preparation for "trying" to get pregnant. After about 15 years on the pill it took a year for my cycles to regulate to the point that I could confidently know when I would ovulate. After that experience, I decided to never go back on the pill or any other hormone for that fact, so I had a non-hormonally-based intrauterine (IUD) inserted called a Paragard, or copper IUD. It is comforting to know that it is 99% effective and if I decide to have another baby I can start trying the day it is removed. I know that the later is true because I had the Paragard prior to pregnancy and had the IUD taken out a week before ovulation and we got pregnant that same month, with no complications. So six weeks postpartum and I went with the Paragard again. Now back to having sex...

Picture of a Paragard was found on wikipedia

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