Friday, July 27, 2012

Generation to generation: all doing their best

My true thoughts and feelings come out when I am writing to my close friends. I approach writing for this blog as if I am talking directly to one of my friends.

After writing a text to another new mom my text touched my heart, and while I don't choose to edit the grammar of this text, I share it with you here:

"I truly love our healthy eating and living lifestyle. I think back to the processed microwave foods I ate and diet coke I drank as a teenager and think how happy I am that Alexandria is going to be so healthy and fit. And I think back to how sedentary my growing up was sitting I front of tv then I look at how busy we are getting out and trying new things. I like our weekly routine. We are going to plan one big outing a year to have her look forward to a family trip. As a kid we rarely traveled and parents were not good about exploring new places. I guess I am looking forward to giving Alexandria all that I wish I had and more because I've made the life that I wish I had growing up. It is what it is my past life. I am so happy to be living my life now. And it just keeps getting better."

Bigs hugs to you, me and all moms out there for doing their best! That's all a kid can ask and appreciate.

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