Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Postpartum recovery complete

Per the recommendation of my midwife, I have completed six weeks of recovery following the the c-section birth of my baby girl. I agree that I am healed from the surgery and ready to be more active. I do look forward to losing the remaining 20 pounds I gained during pregnancy, however according to my midwife I should expect to lose 10 more pounds and keep the remaining 10 on until after breastfeeding is complete. Well, 10 pounds seems achievable and I bet that will mean I can fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans (there will be a celebration when that happens.)

Week six is a turning point for me, not just in the means of being more active, but in motherhood and beyond. I have gained more confidence in these areas:

  • A better understanding of my baby's cues, schedule and needs. 
  • Ability to leave the house with baby and all of her needs packed. 
  • Resuming pre-baby activities with and without baby. 
  • Producing breast milk enough to satiate baby.
I understand that it took nine months to put on the weight, however I am not excited about it being said to take nine months to take off the weight. With that I am resuming my healthy eating and active lifestyle. You will find me riding my bike (how young can I attach a baby to the back of my bike?), in the yoga studio, walking, and on the soccer field. You will not find me eating cupcakes or sweets, except for once a week. Sweets were among my biggest craving during pregnancy, well basically anything I did not eat very often prior to pregnancy. 

I will leave you with a recipe for a healthy organic juice that I am drinking daily this week. It has protein, omega-3's and fiber from 2-3 servings of fruits and veggies. Combine the following ingredients into a blender (I have a Blendtec which juices, otherwise you would use a juice machine), in the following order, and run the juice mode:
            3 organic kale leaves
            1 banana;
            1/3 organic pear;
            3 stalks of organic celery 
            1/4 cup soy protein isolate powder;
            2 tbs. flax seeds 
            Handful of organic baby carrots
            Water - fill to cover half the ingredients
            Cup of ice

This recipe makes ~40 ounces or 5 cups of juice. You can also substitute water for coconut water. Or optionally add 1/4 tsp. of ginger powder and 1/8 cup of nutritional yeast. Flax seed and nutritional yeast are said to improve lactation. 

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